Hostel-Ranch Puesto Viejo

Paraje Puesto Viejo, Sierras de Cordoba

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Hostel-Ranch Puesto Viejo


Overview of Hostel

Be the guest of an authentic Argentinean rural family. Enjoy the hospitality, traditional barbeques and regional the tales and myths of the place, something that only a few discover.

The beautiful landscape of the Cordobesan hills which is in the centre of Argentina on the shores

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If you are coming from Cordoba you can take a minibus to the small tourist town of La Cumbre (it takes 1hr 30 minutes). From there our Estancia is 25km from this town travelling on a beautiful mountain road.

We can organize a pick up from La Cumbre for you once you have made your reservation..

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Conditions & Policy

When you make your reservation please contact us to arrange your pick-up.